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All-Ireland Genealogy - Passenger Lists


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Irish Passenger Lists, 1847-1871 over 600,000 entries: includes Surname, Given Name, Age, Gender, Literacy, Native Country, Residence, Destination, Transit Type, Compartment, Port of Embarkation, Ship, Number of Passengers on the ship, Arrival Date, and Occupation
Irish Immigrants to Alabama, USA 1845-1851 includes first, last name, age, sex, occupation
Ships Passenger Lists on the Internet a review of websites containing links to over 4,200 passenger lists complete with passengers names from 1700s to 1890s.
Cimorilli Passenger Ship Database: Irish Immigrants to USA
Irish Convicts & Exiles to Australia 41 convict ships, with convicts listed by Lesley Uebel (fee)over 5,000 convicts listed
Irish Passenger Lists
Irish Passenger Lists, 1803-1806
Irish Passenger Lists, 1847-1871
More Irish Passenger Lists
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, ships passenger lists departing Irish ports
Ship Passenger Lists to the Carolinas: 1774-1777 Between 1772 and 1777, a wave of some 30,000 Ulstermen were forced to leave Northern Ireland by harsh rents and economic conditions, and sailed for the new world
Ship Passenger Lists Scots and Irish
1826..Ireland to Frenchman's Bay Maine on "Maine"
1827..Ireland to Frenchman's Bay, Maine on "Leader"
1830-1841..List of Ships Sailing from Ireland to New Castle, DE (1830-1841) over 60 passenger lists here
1891.. Liverpool/Queenston on "City of Chester"
1901..Queenston to New York on "Teutonic"
1909..from Louisburg Area Co Mayo to USA on "SS Ivenia"

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