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Canadian Immigration Databases and Immigrant Records


British Home Children Database Between 1869 and the early 1930s, over 100,000 children were sent to Canada from Great Britain during the child emigration movement.
British Home Children British Home Children Site for researchers of 100,000 British Home Children emigrated to Canada 1870-1940. Names of +3,000 Home Children.
Canadian Immigrant Records, Part I a collection of over 193,000 records between 1780 and 1906 relating to immigrants to Canada
Canadian Immigrant Records, Part Two 0ver 29,000 records from 1780-1906
Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization Extraction Project between 1923 and 1930 almost 6,000 Mennonite households (20,201 individuals) emigrated from USSR to  Canada
Immigration Records (1925-1935) searchable database by National Archives Canada
Immigrants to Canada;  Land Records
Immigrants to Canada List a project by Canada GenWeb
Middlemore Homes Index Index to Children's Emigration, Home children who came to Canada From Britain 1872-1932
National Archives of Canada Miscellaneous Immigration Index Great Britain to Canada 1801-1849
Young Immigrants to Canada

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