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Arizona Marriage Records

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AZ, CO, NE, NM, OR, & WA 1727-1900 Marriage Index (see bottom of page for search box)
Arizona Marriages
Cochise County, Declarations of Intent 1881-1897
Cochise Co. Marriages Indexed by Bride or Groom
Cochise Co. Marriages 1880-1890  , 1889-1893
Cochise County Marriages 1893-1901Indexed by BRIDE A-B , C-D , E-G , H-K , L-Mi , Mo-Q , R-Sm , Sn-Z
Cochise County Marriages 1893-1901 Indexed by GROOM A-B , C-E , F-G , H-K , L-Mi , Mo-Q , R-Sm , Sn-Z
Coconino Co. AZ Marriages (late 19thC) indexed by Bride or Groom
Gila County Marriage Records Indexed by Bride or Groom
Graham Co. Marriages (late 1800s) Indexed by Bride or Groom

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Navajo Co,  Marriages indexed by Bride  or Groom
Pima County Marriages courtesy Arizona GenWeb
Pinal Co. AZ Marriages indexed by Bride or Groom
Santa Cruz County Marriages Indexed by Bride or Groom
USGenWeb has one of the largest collections of free access online genealogy resources, including many marriage databases
US GenWeb Archives Marriage Project-Arizona
Western States Historical Marriage Record Index Advanced Search Form search by county: Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Nevada
Yavapai County Arizona Marriages 19thC, Brides and Groom
Yuma Co. Marriages Indexed by Bride or Groom

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