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Netherlands Marriages

also see: Netherlands Genealogy Links
here at - links to censuses,
cemeteries, passenger lists etc



Weelde, Marriages 1803-1880


Meppell Marriage Records 1626 - 1811
Meppel Marriage Records (English)
Ruinen Marriages 1682-1751 and 1762-1811
Ruinerwold Marriage Records 1661 - 1693, 1707 - 1709 and 1727 - 1811
Zuidwolde; Marriages 1811-1922


Schokland, cath. marriages 1812-1851

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Elburg, Marriages 1666-1811
Elst,Marriages 1704-1764

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Appingedam Marriages 1811-1932
Bedum,Marriages 1629-1683, 1698-1750
Bedum; Catholic Marriages 1728-1750
De Breede, Marriages 1729-1750
Leens, Marriages 1680-1750
Vriescheloo; Marriages 1732-1811
Westeremden, Marriages 1631-1750
Zuidwolde, Marriages 1719-1750

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Berkel-Enschot, 10-year-tables Marriages 1811-1922searchable index
Blaarthem Marriages 1682-1810
Tilburg, Marriages, 1811-1924

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Andijk,  Marriages 1667-1807
Netherlands; Noord-Holland Texel Marriage certificates (1813-1912)

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Overijssel; Marriages 1811-1912


Cothen, Marriages 1787-1793 , 1799-1808
Werkhoven, Marriages 1669-1811
Wittevrouwen Parish (Utrecht) Marriages 1679-1738

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Hoek, Marriages 1700-1796
Zuiddorpe, Marriages 1635-1789

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Alblasserdam; Marriages 1812-1814
Alblasserwaard Genealogie Page (Dutch) marriage Indexes for the 1800s
Arkel; Marriages 1710-1725   and 1818-1825
Bleskensgraaf, Marriages 1700-1706
Giessen-Oudekerk; Marriages 1692-1720

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